Sureva Towler is founder and principal of Legacy Books and Resources, a nonprofit 501(c)3 designed to research and share the stories of people, places and events which define our history, past, present and future.


Sureva is available to read from her delightful essays about the people, places and events that define our lives and communities. She quite obviously enjoys sharing stories about the hijinks, laughter and lies generated by living in the West surrounded by cowboys and plumbers. Her commentary on what happens when small-town values collide with big-city developers evokes both laughter and tears.

Workshops on Writing Local History

Sureva's workshops on how to research, write and publish local history are valuable to historians and writers, museums and libraries. She has designed programs for the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities, Rocky Mountain Book Festival, Colorado Mountain College and the National Forum Foundation, and has received a Colorado Historical Foundation Territorial Daughters Award.


Sureva develops grants, publications, fundraising materials and marketing strategies essential to nonprofit management. She has spearheaded development efforts for a variety of community arts and healthcare organizations, and is the recipient of a Gale Research Company Financial Development Award.